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Road Trip 101: Eating Healthy While Travelling

Road Trip 101: Eating Healthy While Travelling

Let’s face it – eating healthy while travelling is no easy feat. Although there are hundreds of cheap and easy fast food restaurants on every major highway, it is difficult to find cost-effective, healthy options while on the road.

We could go on and on about all of the obstacles that prevent us from eating healthy while road tripping, but instead, we are here to talk about some of the many ways around those obstacles.

Below we’ve listed some healthy eating tips for you to take on your summer road trip:


Eat a Hearty Breakfast

Always start your journey with a nutritious breakfast to keep you energized and ready to take on the day’s travels. Ideally you would reach for whole food, fiber-dense options with a focus on plant-based ingredients, that will keep you full for longer, and help you avoid those road-side temptations!

If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast that will revitalize you for your adventures ahead, Glow Juicery has plenty of grab-n-go plant-based breakfast options including our delicious PB&J Breakfast Bowl, organic chia pudding, or our overnight soaked oats. Our breakfasts cups and bowls are topped with fresh organic berries, nuts and local hemp seeds to provide extra anti-oxidants and healthy fats too!

Stay Hydrated

When travelling, it’s essential to stay hydrated. Always remember to pack a reusable water bottle with you and try to fill it up at every stop along the way. This ensures that you are giving your body the hydration it needs to carry you along your journey, and helps you save money.

Skip the Coffee and Get Out of the Car

Long stretches of driving or sitting in the car can cause your body to feel fatigued. Instead of driving thru a coffee shop (and being tempted to purchase a caffeine and sugar filled cup of empty calories!) pack a travel cooler with nutrient rich cold-pressed Juice and get out for stretch or quick walk while you enjoy it.

Cold-pressed juice is full of vitamins and enzymes that can help replenish your body. Coupled with a little activity and fresh summer air, and you will have the extra boost of energy you’ll need for your travels!

For road trips, we recommend sipping on a bottle of Ener-G Glow, Glow Boost, or Vitamin G… each one is packed with natural local plant-based fuel!

Bring Easy-to-eat Meals and Snacks

When you’re on the go, it’s important to pack food that is easy to eat in the car.

At Glow, we’ve curated three travel packs to keep you and your family fuelled for any adventure!

Family Travel Pack

Keep the whole family fuelled and healthy with cold-pressed Juices, plant-based snacks, and fresh smoothies!

Our Family Travel Pack includes:

  • 4 cold-pressed juices (16 oz)
  • 4 vegan + gluten-free superfood snacks
  • 4 fresh smoothies (16 oz in bottles)

Wellness Travel Pack

Got a whole day of travel and adventure planned? We've got the perfect daily pack for two! A fresh cold-pressed Juice, superfood snack and one of our deliciously inspired salads for you and a friend or that special someone!

Our Wellness Travel Pack includes:

  • 2 salads
  • 2 cold-pressed juices (16 oz)
  • 2 superfood Glow Fuel snack options

Fit Travel Pack

You've planned a beautiful solo day of hiking, beaching, or biking and all you need is the perfect portable fuel pack to keep you going. Meet the Glow Juicery Fit Travel Pack!

Our Fit Travel Pack includes:

  • 2 cold-pressed Juices (16 oz)
  • 2 superfood snacks

We hope the tips and tricks mentioned in this blog post will help you eat healthier on your next road trip!


We would love to see how you’re incorporating the Glow Juicery Travel Packs into your summer adventures! Snap some images and tag us with #glowtravelpacks on social media at @GlowJuicery!


WRITTEN by Marnie Ashcroft

Marnie Ashcroft, Owner Glow Juicery

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