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We’re a proudly Canadian company with convenient Glow Juicery locations across the country. Wherever you are, nourishing Juices, Cleanses or Raw Food can be delivered right to your door.

About Glow Juice & Raw Food


Why is it challenging to eat well?

The food landscape is treacherous to navigate — every day we are faced with a sea of toxic options in restaurants, grocery stores and fast food chains. Imagine a life where you stopped:

Eating chemical-laden processed food Painstakingly reading nutritional information Considering harm of ingredients you can’t pronounce Denying yourself delicious plant-based foods

At Glow, we have a fresh perspective on nutrition

We want to arm you with the knowledge and strength to take command of your health. The healing powers of raw food have been proven again and again, with such regimens being prescribed to address concerns with inflammation, diabetes, dietary nutrition and in support of cancer treatment. We aim to be leaders in making healthy plant-based nutrition accessible and convenient in communities across Canada, determined to create products that are easily absorbed and transformed.

Goodness comes from within

— The Glow Ethos —

Put your health first.

From the food we eat, to the attitude we carry, we aim to improve our wellbeing in every way possible.

Tell the truth.

We strive to be sincere and authentic—expecting the same honesty from others.

Do the right thing.

We care for everyone and do what’s right—even if it means more time, work, or commitment.

Live sustainably.

We respect this planet, taking only what we need in hopes of preserving it for future generations.

Be transparent.

From natural ingredients to a genuine desire to help others heal, everything we do is 100% real.

Take responsibility.

We always do our best, knowing a mistake is simply an opportunity to learn & improve.

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