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A GLOWING REVIEW: How One Glow Juicery Customer Juiced Her Skin Issues Away

Every day, we hear testimonials from people whose lives have been changed with the help of our Cold-Pressed Juices, Cleanses, and Raw Food options. So, we thought we’d share one of these inspiring stories with you!

Carrie Barnes – Glow Juicery PEI

Shortly after enjoying a pizza lunch at work, Carrie Barnes became ill – something she thought was a reaction to gluten. Her stomach was in knots, her head was pounding, and she started to develop red, swollen rashes on both of her arms.


“My skin felt like it was on fire. The itch was so bad that I was taking Benadryl and allergy pills, and using allergy creams to help with the battle.”


Even with all the medication that she was using, Carrie’s rashes remained. She couldn’t help but itch them while sleeping, which left her with horribly red and inflamed skin covering both of her arms.


“I was completely embarrassed to show my arms in public for the stares I knew I would get, so I was wearing long-sleeved shirts to try and hide the rashes.”


After weeks of awkwardness and discomfort, Carrie decided to try a Glow Juicery Cleanse as a last resort to help heal her rashes. Although she wasn’t sure if it would work, she had heard about others doing juice cleanses to clear up their skin and was committed to trying anything that could help heal her body.


Completely out of her comfort zone, Carrie found the courage to walk through the doors of Glow Juicery PEI to inquire about a Cleanse.


“The girls were amazing and helped answer all of my questions.”


Carrie started prepping for her Juice Cleanse by cutting out sugar, processed foods, and dairy. She also started to hydrate her body with lemon water and Aloe Vera juice, as recommended by our lovely staff at Glow Juicery PEI. After prepping for a few days, Carrie started her Juice Cleanse and immediately began seeing results.


“I thought I was dreaming, but others that had seen my arms were amazed at how much change had taken place with my skin in just a few days."


Not only were Carrie’s rashes clearing up, but her entire body was also feeling happier and healthier than it had felt in months!


“I was sleeping better, was more focused, and my mental fog seemed to be gone!”


After seeing the fantastic results that the Juice Cleanse had given her, Carrie decided to take things one-step further by trying Glow’s Raw Food and Juice Cleanse. She couldn’t wait to try the food and ended up seeing even more improvement with this Cleanse than with her first!


“If anyone is thinking of starting a Cleanse, my only advice is: don't wait! Your health, body, and mind will thank you.” – Carrie Barnes


WRITTEN by Marnie Ashcroft

Marnie Ashcroft, Owner Glow Juicery

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