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Inspiration for a Joyful & Glowing January 2020!

It’s almost here! 

The end of the 2019 holiday season and the start of a New Year. And this is a big one — a whole new decade is about to unfold with new challenges and opportunities, and most likely you’ve already set a whole pile of life-changing expectations! 

In these last days heading into 2020, we’ve been reflecting on how Glow Juicery can help connect our clients to life-changing opportunities.
Not just the deliciously healing products we create, but also the companies we connect with; the healers, change-makers, and goal-setters that help bring new energy and inspiration into people's lives. 

How can we create a sustainable approach that would change the way people view the healing benefits of plant-based foods, while nurturing their minds, filling their lives with joy, and creating healthier and more sustainable lifestyles? 

We thrive on supporting positive change for our clients — and we truly feel a responsibility to connect you with the amazing humans that have created resources that are simple, easy to implement, and literally life changing!
So let me share with you what we have created for January 2020, because this is the first of its kind, joyous, inspiring, and truly a once in a lifetime opportunity! 

The Glow Mind and Body Reset: 

The Glow Mind and Body Reset is a 5-day program designed to nourish you body, mind, and soul! Over this 5-day experience, you can expect:
• plant-based meals, snacks, cold-pressed Juices, and smoothies from Glow Juicery.
• whole food, plant-based warming recipes created by Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Ardelle Viau of Aromas and Avocados, to help get your body back on track after an indulgent holiday season.
• a 30 minute consultation with Ardelle, Certified Holistic Nutritionist.
• exclusive access to The Joy Method created by Jillian Schecher, Joy and Mindfulness Coach, to help you establish new practices to reduce stress and become the deliberate designer of a fresh New Year and life!
• a live one-on-one personal joy-setting and coaching session with Jillian, Joy and Mindfulness Coach  

This is an amazing opportunity to reset all the aspects of your life in one week! You can see the entire program schedule here (LINK TO PDF WITH SCHED). 

And of course we must introduce the incredible people who have inspired and partnered with us on this incredible program.  

Meet Jillian Schecher and The Joy Method:

To try and describe this beautiful., light-filled bubble of pure joy would be nearly impossible! For those of you who have followed her (and I highly recommend you do @jillianchecher), you will know her as a thought-leader who has created an easy to implement program to absolutely flood your life with joy!

In her words:

"I believe that JOY is our natural state and we all have something special to offer simply by being who we are as fully as possible. Often this involves self-compassion, love, and the space to dig into the truth of who we are. I love creating that space for people...I also love LOL-ing!"

Jillian is supporting your Glow Mind and Body Reset journey with daily content to help you establish new practices, to reduce stress and become the deliberate designer of a fresh New Year and life, including a live one-on-one personal joy-setting and coaching session at the end of the 5-day reset!

Meet Ardelle Viau of Aromas and Avocados:

In Ardelle's own words:

“When we quit trying to fit into an impossible mold and start with small, impactful changes, we can uncover what it means to be healthy – according to our own terms.”

It is for this reason (and a million others!) that we wanted to connect Ardelle to our Glowing community. As a Holistic Nutritionist and Coach, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, leading clients through a journey towards establishing a healthier, nourishing, and sustainable lifestyle.

For this exclusive program, Ardelle (on IG as @aromasandavocados) has created new whole food, plant-based recipes and nutritional guidance to help you create sustainable practices of wellness that transcend the typical approach to nutrition.
PLUS at the end of the 5-Day reset you receive live a one-on-one personal nutritional coaching session!

The Glow Mind and Body Reset is ONLY available for January 2020. With limited spots available, we recommend registering as soon as possible.

Call any of our locations to book your spot, or sign up here:

Wishing you all a wonderful inspiring & healthy start to 2020!
~ Marnie

WRITTEN by Marnie Ashcroft

Marnie Ashcroft, Owner Glow Juicery

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