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Glow Juicery Cleanses — Why Choose a Plant-based Reset?

Glow Juicery Cleanses — Why Choose a Plant-based Reset?

Anyone else seeing all the back and forth commentary about diet culture trending on news and social media? Who hasn’t had a friend suggest a new weight-loss powder, energy drink, calorie counter, or meal tracker? It’s a lot to take in, and so hard to decide what will be best for you.

Every so often, Glow Juicery gets pulled into a conversation regarding diet culture. We believe this primarily stems from our creation of our raw Juice Cleanses…

Because for many, the word “Cleanse” has become synonymous with weight-loss.

While it’s out of our control how clients decide to engage with our product once they leave the Juicery, how we communicate with them before, during, and after their purchase is something we can control and we do feel a great responsibility for.

Seven years ago, when we were first creating our Juicery concept, we made it a critical piece of our messaging and communication that our Cleanses should never ever be sold or promoted as a weight-loss product.

In fact, if you look back through all of our marketing and communications from locations across the country, you will see that we have always actively steered away from absolutely any diet claims.

Our focus is body-positive messaging about resetting the body, or giving the body a break from some of the many ultra-processed foods we consume.

Moreover, when clients approached us with inquiries about Cleansing for weight-loss, we have always moved the conversation to one around overall health, digestion support, and the vibrancy of plant-based nutrition.

It is also very important that our clients see the difference in the Glow Cleanse experience:

- All of our Juices are made fresh, cold-pressed, and completely raw (no pasteurization of any kind!).

- Our Cleanses encourage a nice big salad for lunch, adding even more nutrients and fibre to your experience.

- We provide carefully crated Cleanse instructions and support so you can spend time being mindful and fully enjoy your experience.


        Health comes in all shapes and sizes, and it means something different to everyone — it really comes down to how we feel inside and out, and how we choose to take care of ourselves, because we only get one chance to show our beautiful bodies as much love and nutritional self-care as possible!

        We care about providing our clients with fresh, all-natural, hand-made, plant-based food and drink options in a world that is full of deceptive ingredients, chemicals, and trans fat foods.

        By definition, our Cleanses are:

         “a period when you stop taking unhealthy or harmful foods, drinks, or drugs into your body, in order to improve your health.”

        Should we change the term to Reset? Or Detox? Has the term Cleanse become overused, or mis-used? That is our internal debate, and one that may affect the way we communicate in the future so we can continue to bring our clients the very best experience of self-care, health and wellness — in plant form!

        If you have questions about Glow’s raw cold-pressed Juices, variety of Cleanse options or you would like to chat more about this topic, please reach out anytime:

        With love and health,

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        Marnie Ashcroft, Owner Glow Juicery

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