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Stress & Immune Support Tips ~ An Interview with Ardelle Viau of Aromas & Avocados

Glow Juicery Founder, Marnie Ashcroft, connected with Ardelle Viau of @aromasandavocados to learn more about healthy choices during times of stress & when our immune systems are challenged.

Ardelle Viau is a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and an Essential Oil Educator with over 10 years of nutrition coaching experience. In addition to her consulting business, Aromas & Avocados, Ardelle teaches at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and co-owns The Health Collective YEG.

Ardelle’s passion lies in educating people about healthy living and enabling others to transform their physical, mental and spiritual health. Using her knowledge in holistic nutrition and essential oils, Ardelle’s programs are built on the foundation of toxic-free eating, toxic-free living and toxic-free thinking.

Q) Thank you for sharing your time with us, Ardelle! We are such fans of your "more cheer, less fear" approach to healthy immune support. Can you tell us a little more about what inspires that philosophy?

A) These are some pretty interesting times right now. I have seen such a divide in society in regards to the response to this pandemic. Regardless of the theory you hold, the best belief right now is to accept this invitation to look within and take personal responsibility to create calmness and presence. I certainly don't want people to believe that by me saying "more cheer" is saying that I don't think there is a sense of urgency right now.

What I am trying to get across, is that when we think of improving our immunity we easily forget how powerful our mindset is in affecting how our body heals.

Fear creates stress and stress weakens the immune system. There are numerous studies that link stress and infection. The University of British Columbia has nearly 300 studies on stress and the effect on health.  So let's not fuel the fear but instead, reduce the current stressors that we have chosen to ignore up until this point.
We can do this by instilling more of the activities that help us relax. Maybe that is meditation, nature walks, Epsom salt baths, breathing exercises, yoga, journaling. Whatever it is to you, I am reminding you that you have a choice. You get to choose to implement more gratitude and joy during these times when fear seems to be the forefront of the media. 

Q) What are some of the ways that you coach your clients to support their immune systems?

A) If my client has a weakened immune system the best thing we can do is create a plan that is simple and approachable. The last thing they need is an overwhelming plan that causes even more stress.

I like to create a plan for my client with customized recommendations but then allow the client to choose the area that they feel most excited to begin with.

The areas that I focus on are sleep, stress management, implementing nutrient-dense meals and supplementation that can offer quick support.
It is important for me to note that if the client has an auto-immune disease the approach would ensure that the steps we take are not to boost the immune system but to balance it. 

Q) And on that note, what do you suggest clients avoid, or limit if they have concerns about immunity or long term health goals?

A) The best thing to avoid or reduce when it comes to concerns around our immunity is sugar, alcohol, processed foods, stress and toxic-thoughts. The things we can increase are sleep (focusing on quality as well), water, probiotic-rich foods, vitamin C-rich foods such as bell peppers, parsley, kale and kiwis, b-vitamins, and zinc is also important for the immune system. Ultimately if you are consuming a diet that consists mostly of whole foods you will ensure you get a range of nutrients in your diet that is supportive in balancing the immune system.
Q) What is your top "feel better quick" option when you feel you are getting run down?

A) So when I am under the weather I have a whole protocol I like to refer to which I recently shared on my Instagram but sometimes we need something super fast and easy. So for that, I suggest ginger + turmeric shots (Glow's RX Warrior shots are the best!), a couple drops of doTERRA oregano oil mixed with a carrier oil on the bottoms of my feet - oh, and tons of water! 

Q) And the healthy comfort meal you would suggest for when people aren't feeling their best?

A) Let your body lead you. If you have lost your appetite than I suggest things like soups, broths, Smoothies and fresh Juices. On the contrary, if you still have an appetite, I would suggest the same food but you can also include something hardier like chili or stew. These options are all easier to digest which allows the body to get the nutrients quickly so it can focus on healing. As opposed to heavily processed meals that are nutrient deficient and require your body to produce more enzymes to break it down thus putting more pressure on your digestive system. 

Q) How do you suggest people begin to integrate essential oils into their home and lifestyle?

A) I love this question because it gives me an opportunity to debunk the belief that using essential oils needs to be overwhelming and complicated. I promise you that it isn't! 

While there are safety precautions everyone should be aware of in which I educate all my customers, the best thing you can do is evaluate the area of health that you need the most support in and start there. So for example, if you really struggle with sleep, there are some great options of essential oils that you can easily implement in your daily routine that lead to a restful night's sleep.   

Now if you are looking for something more specific I recommend this quick and simple protocol:

1. Start with a basic essential oil package such as our Simple Solutions kit that includes On Guard for immunity, Serenity for sleep, Lemon for digestion and Deep Blue rub for pain
2. Lifelong Vitality kit that includes the most bio-available supplement foundation (Wholefood Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Complex, Antioxidant and Omega) that for $1.60/day will offer your body well-rounded nutrients for better mental clarity, energy, immunity, digestion, skin/nail/hair and bone health.

What is your very favourite essential oil and how do you use it?

A) This totally depends on what need I have at that moment, but since we are talking about immunity I am going to say hands-down the doTERRA's On Guard essential oil blend.

It combines incredible plant healing essential oils from Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Leaf, and Rosemary Leaf/Flower.

We have an entire line created with this oil blend including foaming hand wash, toothpaste, mouthwash, cleaning concentrate, laundry detergent and more. The essential oil can be used daily via an aromatic, internal or topical application that will protect you against environmental and seasonal threats.

Q) What advice do you have for people that are seeking to establish new health & wellness goals and are not sure where to start?

A) My best piece of advice is to remember that there is no change too small and that we all have the innate wisdom to know what is and isn't right for us.

We just need to learn to listen and trust ourselves ...try not to get so caught up with all the information out there. Determine what health means to you and then make a list of the things that would be in alignment with that vision.

Once you have your list remind yourself that you do NOT have to do everything right away. Remove the expectation that in order to be healthy you need to be perfect and just start with one small change at a time.

And lastly, give yourself permission to enjoy the journey!

For more information, or to connect with Ardelle, please visit her website at:
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WRITTEN by Marnie Ashcroft

Marnie Ashcroft, Owner Glow Juicery

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