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Glow Pantry ~ The Glow Bowl Dressing
Glow Pantry ~ The Glow Bowl Dressing

Glow Pantry ~ The Glow Bowl Dressing

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Our Glow Pantry Salad Dressings are the shining stars of our best selling salads!

Each bottle captures 296 ml of fresh, raw, organic& gluten free dressings...use them on salads, drizzle over cooked meals ~ your creativity is the only limit!

The Glow Bowl dressing is an Asian inspired, light creamy dressing that features miso & sesame ~ perfect for a base of grains, mixed greens or spiralled veggies.

sesame oil, orange juice, lemon juice, tamari (gf), shiro miso, tahini, garlic, ginger root, black pepper, smoked sea salt, black sesame seeds


Available for pick up in store, 48-hour turnaround.
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