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Warming Foods for Colder Months ~ how to stay (nearly) raw, vegan & Ayurvedic too!

Our cold-pressed Juices, raw snacks & delicious salads have been thoughtfully created to be the perfect healthy fuel. 

Our recipes are developed with conscious ingredient selection & careful planning to ensure the right balance of energetic superfoods & flavour is present in each hand-made product.

Glow Founder, Marnie Ashcroft, has also spent time with experts & Practioners researching the benefits of Ayurveda-influenced eating, and understanding the way that the temperature, preparation and seasoning of foods can also impact your body's energy & immunity in the winter months.

Here are a few Ayurveda inspired ideas to support food choices over the colder winter months:

1) Spend some time researching your "dosha" or natural Ayurveda energy state
2) Consider how spices, warmer & colder foods cycled throughout your day can impact your energy levels and digestive health
3) Focus on listening to your body - eating when hungry, practice light intermittent fasting and create an experience of joy & mindfulness during meals. Healthy choices fuel the bodies processes and natural healing.
4) Don't ignore the signs of digestive distress - your body is communicating with you! Take time to listen.
5) Add superfood blends to smoothies, salad dressings, baking, stews and soups. A perfect way to infuse a little extra botanical healing into your diet!

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WRITTEN by Marnie Ashcroft

Marnie Ashcroft, Owner Glow Juicery

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