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Cold-Pressed Cocktail Mixes
Cold-Pressed Cocktail Mixes

Cold-Pressed Cocktail Mixes

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Do you prefer your drinks cold-pressed not stirred? Let your inner James Bond decide which delicious combination will best suit your soirees!

Our cold-pressed cocktails have been created to include all the makings of a perfect drink....juice, sweetener + the legendary Token bitters in just the perfect amount. 

Just take your bottle of mix, add to ice (or better yet, use a cocktail shaker!) and add spirits of us, this is one drink you won't forget! 

Flavours options:

Goldeneye: grapefruit + lemon + honey + whyte avenue bitters

Casino Royale: pomegranate + orange + ginger + agave + strathcona orange bitters

Skyfall: carrot + lemon + cinnamon + coconut simple syrup + calder chai bitters

Each bottle is 296 ml & contains 2-3 servings


Available for pick up in store, 48-hour turnaround.
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