The Summer Vacation Juice Cleanse

SUMMER has arrived! And with it comes a slowed pace, and chance to take a break and re-connect with friends and family in campgrounds & sandy beaches, and or maybe in our own backyards!

Summer vacation also means taking a step back from our intense routines…and for me, it is the perfect time to evaluate of all the mindsets & behaviours I have around working out & making healthy food choices.

As I am currently on vacation with my family in BC, I have had time to reflect on the long hours I have been keeping, the 5:30 AM workouts, and diligent meal planning for the last 11 months. I am very happy with the results of these efforts, but sometimes also feel like it is a lot of “work”. We all have intensely busy lives, with so much to do, and these items of self-care just slip away as we “grab” meals and “skip” workouts, just to stay on top. It is a daily challenge for so many of us to stay focused on the constant planning and preparing of our fitness and nutrition goals.

So why would YOU want to Cleanse during your week of summer vacation? Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to just let it all go? To indulge, “celebrate” and completely let go of any expectations of health or fitness?

OR, would this be the very best time to take a step back from the intensity of it all, and while your body is already relaxed, choose the most natural healthy vitamin packed food options, allowing the body to truly re-set and heal? In addition, while you are taking one week away from your gym/trainer/HIIT class you are allowing the body to rest, and with lower metabolic demand, it can be more receptive to the experience of the fresh natural enzymes and phyto-nutrients, using them to heal rather than to fuel.

Cleansing can be a time of enjoying the most simple, vitamin rich food options…and what better place to enjoy a cold fresh pressed juice than when you are sitting by the pool!

We welcome your thoughts and questions about summer vacation Cleansing…we are confident you will not regret giving your body a chance to renew and be ready for the challenges it faces the other 50 weeks of the year!


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