The Man who Cleansed on Superbowl Sunday

I am so proud to say that we have now had over 750 Glow Cleansers experience the incredible value of our fresh juices! In creating Glow Juicery, I had a firm belief that plant-based foods, consumed in their most raw and natural form, will act like medicine for the body…that our bodies natural ability to heal need only to be encouraged by the raw enzymes and nutrients available in our fresh juices.

It has been amazing to watch the evolution of our Juicery and the impact it has had. The stories we hear back from our Glowing clients are incredible….juice cleansing & the integration of our fresh juice into their daily diet has led to the giving up of chemical crutches (like Diet Coke, caffeine or pain medications), reduced fatigue & added energy, & truly changed their perspective on food behaviours and dependance on packaged & processed foods.

Many of our clients are receiving feedback from their doctors that their health has improved in a truly measurable way. Perhaps the most impactful for me personally is that my little sister, who has struggled with IBS for over a decade, has been symptom free for the last 6 months!

Featured today on the blog is Charles Rothman, a man who is leading the renaissance (and major renovation!) of the Edmonton Petroleum Club. Charles has the opportunity to experience some of the very best food that #yeg chefs have to offer, but with an intensely busy schedule, has often found himself challenged by low energy and a sense that something was not quite right about his daily diet.

Charles embarked upon his first 3 Day Glow Cleanse with bravery, confidence (and his lovely girlfriend there for support!) His chosen start date was a Saturday, and I am not sure Charles fully realized that his Cleanse would be in full swing by Superbowl Sunday…I am beyond impressed that in the face of wings, nachos, beer, and a gang of buddies determined to make him crumble, that Charles stayed strong and completed his Cleanse without a single moment of weakness! (I secretly see him as the Braveheart of Juice Cleansers!)

So whether you are a weekend warrior like Charles, or just wanting to integrate a few fresh juices into your daily diet, we hope you can see the value in the making this small healing change for yourself. We’ll just help you find a time that doesn’t have wings and nachos as part of the celebration!

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