The Glow Juice Experience

Can you believe it has been nearly one month since we opened our doors!? And what an amazing month it has been! It has been such an interesting experience trying to share with the world my vision of why I created Glow Juicery.

We have presented at events, and begun our work with non-profit organizations, nutritionists, wellness centres, yoga studios, local cafes and organic stores who are all excited to work with us. We have had wonderful conversations with clients at our Juicery, not to mention the many emails and phone calls we receive. These conversations have been enlightening for me on so many levels.

So many people asking questions about their health, their wellness, their plans for fueling a body that may not be responding they way they want to the demands of our busy lives. They are often in a place of questioning their current food choices, behaviours and their overall lifestyle. The most amazing thing is that amongst those thousand conversations, there seems to be one common theme running through them.

We are all searching to answer the question “How can we live better“?

How can we wake each day with more energy, or a clearer mind, or a stronger body. Without cravings for Diet Coke and salty snacks, and worrying that we are going to give in to that pastry or donut at 3 PM because we are hungry and that drive thru is right there in front of us! How can we connect with our food in a thoughtful, healing and nourishing way.

Over the last few weeks we have also had a lot of media attention. I am NOT a fan of seeing myself on TV, or or getting asked questions that I sometimes am not quite sure how to answer (“Does the Juicer need cleaning??!!”) but I have learned to just smile bigger, stay focused and totally get over my bad hair days!

Although I have appreciated all the exposure, I worry that people may sometimes see Glow Juicery as only a Juice Cleansing business, bent on suggesting that we drop all whole foods and drink only juice for weeks on end. Although this can be a fun experiment (and one I have tried myself!), I want our clients to understand that we are here to present an option for nourishment and health in the form of whole, fresh, natural juices. How you incorporate this natural healthy choice into your diet is entirely up to you.

Juice Cleansing can be seen as extreme by some. We understand this, and we support whatever version of Juice experience you would like to have, but I am not an extremist by nature. In fact, when embarking upon a Beginner or Intermediate Cleanse we always suggest a large salad for lunch, to balance out the fibre that is extracted from the juices.

But the results just speak for themselves. The bottom-line is our clients just feel better after having a juice, and these feelings are magnified when they have experienced a Cleanse. Energy, lightness, clarity. All of these come through in our Juice, and truly leave you connected to your body and mind in a new way.

Can I tell you my favorite thing about starting Glow Juicery? It’s the chance to interact and support our clients in a way that I think no other “food and beverage” company will have the chance to do. Because our fresh Juice is more than just a drink. It is an experience. And we can’t wait to share it with you!


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