The Glow Cleanse: A Beautifying Experience...

The beautiful Kari Skelton of Up! 99.3 shares her Glow Juicery Cleanse Experience...

No matter what I eat, I wear it on my face.

Not so much poppy seeds in my teeth and cupcake icing in the corners of my mouth, but after a girls’ get-together, a glass (let’s be honest, a bottle) of wine with my husband, treats at the Oilers game or popcorn and chocolate at the movies, my complexion tells the story with puffiness, red spots and accentuated fine lines.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to notice a significant difference in my complexion almost immediately into my 3-Day Glow Juice Cleanse. One immediate bonus was a little more room in my skinny jeans but the biggest impact was evident with my skin. I had that “Glow” that everybody’s talking about.

The cleanse also revealed a few areas I need to work on. I didn’t have a problem eliminating food for three days but the ‘no coffee’ rule was a challenge. Getting up at 3:45 a.m to host ‘The Wake Up! Show with Jason and Kari’ on Up! 99.3, I need a good, strong kick in my skinnys! My go-to early morning choice is a Four Shot Grande Americano. (I know, I know. Too much jolt, right?) Day two of the Glow cleanse was a clear reminder I drink way too much espresso. It proved itself to be my drug, and boy was I detoxing. (I’ll spare you the details!)  It was rough 72 hours, but I got through the cleanse without caffeine and felt better in the end because of it.

I believe in truly living life, including moderate indulgence in fine food and wine. That said, I also think it’s important to hit the reset button. Rid your body of its toxins, or as I like to call them, the by-products of a good time. We get one body. That’s it. Why not walk around with a Glow? I would recommend anybody try the 3-Day Glow Juice Cleanse.

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