The Faces of Glow

As we prepare to open our two newest Glow locations in early 2015, we are delighted to introduce you to the incredible team of people that help make Glow possible!

Each of our Juice Consultants was asked what it was they love about being a part of Glow Juicery, and each of them had an unique and inspiring story to share!

Our beautiful Kiana has worked for Glow for over a year, helping us open our Sherwood Park location and engaging and supporting our new team there.

Kiana chose the word “PASSION” because of the excitement that comes from communicating with our amazing clients – the people that love our Juice and come in each day to experience our fresh options! An example she shared was the story of a man who came into our Juicery for the first time, so excited we had opened, and explained how he had discovered Juicing, and how it had completely relieved his symptoms of anxiety. It had literally transformed his view of natural food and the way he fuelled his life. Kiana shared that watching this clients eyes light up when he told his story, created a huge feeling of passion for all that Glow can do for our clients, and that has stayed with her and become part of the way she engages with all of our clients.

Kiana is also passionate about providing support and love for animals without homes, and her monthly commitment to the Edmonton Humane Society has been a big part of her life for the last few years.

We hope you enjoy learning a bit more about the beautiful people who create your Juices + Raw Food as we share the “Faces of Glow!” in 2015.

~ The Glow Team

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