Local Farms, Local Superfoods

In the early summer, we had a meeting with Alberta Agriculture…we discussed our desire to create a more sustainable approach to sourcing our fresh veggies and fruits, working locally, organically, with the intent to showcase the incredible passion that farmers have for our land and what it can produce.

Introducing Glow SuperKids: Fresh Juice for Active Kids!

When Jamie Sale (our beautiful Glow Ambassador!) and I first sat down and discussed the direction for Glow in the coming months we both came to realize how important it was for us to impact family nutrition…to make a difference in the way kids perceived natural vegetable flavours, engaging kids with making great choices, supporting parents and helping them feel good about the options they made available to their children.

The Summer Vacation Juice Cleanse

SUMMER has arrived! And with it comes a slowed pace, and chance to take a break and re-connect with friends and family in campgrounds & sandy beaches, and or maybe in our own backyards! Summer vacation also means taking a step back from our intense routines…and for me, it is the perfect time to evaluate of all the mindsets & behaviours I have around working out & making healthy food choices.

Glow Juicery: One Year Stronger

Happy Canada Day from Glow Juicery! One year ago today my cousin Brittany and I made 185 juices (in my kitchen!), packed them up and took them to the Canada Day celebration in Sherwood Park. We set up a banner under our tent, placed all our carefully researched information on the tables and waited excitedly for what would happen. It was a risk, a leap, and a day I will never forget. 

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