Our Glowing Raw Food Chef & Cleanse Program Director: Colleen Heidecker

Get ready Glow Juice Fans! Our passion for fresh Juice, Smoothies and Raw Food is about to be taken to a whole new level!
We have very exciting plans for the coming months – 3 new locations, new Glow RAW and FUEL items, and new Glow Cleanse Packages that will integrate raw whole foods into our already delicious Juice Programs!
Joining me to lead this exciting new venture is Raw Food Chef, Colleen Heidecker! In her own words, Colleen describes the passion she feels for fitness, wellness, whole raw foods, and plant-based nutrition:
“I call myself an Intuitive Chef, as I have taught myself most of what I know about making good food.  I have supplemented by own training with Matthew Kenney’s Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine, David Wolfe’s Raw Nutrition, and Alive Academy’s Natural Health Fundamentals course.  I also have a Bachelor’s of Science in Zoology and Animal Behaviour which can come in handy when working with people as well as animals!
I was fortunate enough to not only work as a Raw Food Chef at Noorish Conscious Eatery and Elixir Bar, but in developing my own business, Cloud 9 Raw.  With Cloud 9 I have taught hundreds of people a variety of raw food classes, with my most popular classes being my raw chocolate classes or raw desserts. I have also had the privilege to create the menus and make all the food for the last 3 David Wolfe events here in Edmonton.
Last year, I had a blast working in the kitchen at the Chateau Jasper, catering a 4 course raw food dinner for the Grounded in the Rockies Yoga Festival.  I’ve even created a recipe for Brendan Brazier using his Vega products which I used to also serve to the athletes at the events I put on with a racing company I used to co-own with a friend.  We put on Adventure Races and Trail Running events in Nevada, USA.  The athletes loved the treats I made for them at the races – we like to call it super fuel!
I have a passion for food and I love discovering new products to use in the foods that I make.  Teaching people how to use superfoods and making them accessible is what I find most rewarding.”
We are delighted to have Colleen join us as we move to the next stage of Education & Wellness with our Glowing clients! Watch our website and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GlowJuicery?ref=hl for announcements on when our newest Glow Juicery + Raw Food Cafe will be ready for you!
~ Marnie
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