Opening our new Juicery Raw Food Cafe!

After months of designing, planning + building our new Juicery + Raw Food Café is almost ready to go!

Every element of our Café concept was chosen to show our amazing clients that we truly care about what you eat, & that our ingredients have been thoughtfully sourced, prepared and presented.

When we initially dreamed of what we wanted this new space to be, we went to our core values: Food is Medicine & Food is Fuel. We wanted to create a unique space focused on the creation of plant-based food options in an exciting, nourishing & convenient way and developed recipes that would both fuel and heal the body.

Our Café menu will change with the seasons, showcasing the beautiful local + sustainable produce available to us throughout the year. It is also presented seasonally to meet the needs of our bodies as we move from colder to warmer months (and vice versa!), supporting the energetic needs of both our bodies and minds.

Our Menu includes salads, tapas, soups, nut mylks, raw treats, raw chocolate, superfood smoothies & elixirs and of course, our fresh cold-pressed Juices & Cleanses.

We will also be introducing a completely new option: our Raw Food + Juice Cleanse! Designed to be enjoyed over 3, 5 or 7 days, this unique new option will support our clients preparing for a Juice Cleanse, or just looking to experience a new food lifestyle. As always, our goal is create personal awareness, and allow our clients to interact with phyto-nutrient rich food in a thoughtful, creative way.

We are delighted to work alongside our many Ambassadors, strategic partners, non-profit organizations and the incredibly supportive glowing community who will be here with us to help educate and share our passion for delicious healthy food options. We believe that food education is vital, and will be sharing our vision for a series of workshops and collaborations to bring even more value to your Glow experience!

Please mark your calendars for April 11 & stop by our newest Juicery + Café and see all the delicious, healthy options we have been creating for you!

~ Marnie

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