Maria's Glowing Journey Continues

It has been such a pleasure to be the Glow Ambassador this past month!! I have learned so much more about my health and how to move forward to be healthier than ever. By taking part in this journey with Glow Juicery, I have discovered that becoming vegetarian is a much better choice, and my source of animal protein will be fish and eggs. There is much to be said about making this choice, not only has it been something that has been on my mind over the past year, it has made me feel more energetic and my body seems to adjust to it well!! After sitting down with both my GP and Naturopath, it just make sense to make this lifestyle change and I am excited for it! I have also decided that I will grace the stage again in June 2014 as a fitness competitor who is a vegetarian! Yes you can be in this sport as one and it works!! Glow Juicery will be part of my journey, as it is been part of my meal planning this past month so why stop a GOOD THING now? A BIG thank you to Marnie and her team at Glow Juicery! This has been such an honour to take part in as well as life changing! I will keep you posted as I train for my show as a “vegetarian competitor”! Thanks again to Glow Juicery for helping me open the door to a new me! Maria
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