Local Farms, Local Superfoods

In the early summer, we had a meeting with Alberta Agriculture…we discussed our desire to create a more sustainable approach to sourcing our fresh veggies and fruits, working locally, organically, with the intent to showcase the incredible passion that farmers have for our land and what it can produce.

It was mentioned to us that there was a farmer in Northern Alberta that had discovered a hidden orchard of Haskap berries, planted by the federal government as a study in the early1950’s, and abandoned three years later as funding ran out. Not only was the story unique, it turned out this rare tiny fruit had over double the anti-oxidant value of any other indigenous berry, and was even being researched at the University of Saskatchewan for it’s powerful flavonoid content.

Our interest was piqued, and we immediately contacted Kreg of Broken Tine Orchard to learn more about this local Superfruit, and how we could get our hands on some!

We are delighted that today, the story of the amazing Haskap Berry, and how we were inspired to create our own delicious Glow Superberry Juice, was featured on the Global Health Report!

To view the segment and learn more about why this may be the next great superfood: http://globalnews.ca/video/1664560/haskap-the-new-superfruit

~ Marnie

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