Introducing our Glow Ambassador for November

We met Maria at the recent OrangeTheory Fitness Grand Opening Event in Sherwood Park…while serving our fresh juices to a crowd of excited new fitness clients, we started to connect and discuss our common goals – wellness, fitness, nutrition and a true passion for the health benefits of veggie-based juices.

Maria is currently embarking on one of her first Glow Cleanses with us, and is willing to share her experience with you, and the fitness world she works within….here is the start of Maria’s story.

I have always believed that health and wellness should be something that is focused more on the inside than just the outside exterior. As we tend to get caught up in what the body looks like, and what we are trying to achieve, we often forget how important it is to feed the body at the cellular level and the benefits it has by doing so.

Juicing has been part of my regime for quite sometime and the benefits have been long lasting. Benefits such as great improvements in my hair, skin, nails, overall youthfulness and much more!!

I am so glad to have found Glow Juicery!! Being a Wife, Mom of 3, a personal trainer, as well as a busy real estate agent, time is of the essence! With Glow Juicery’s support I know I can stay on point getting great nutrition on the go!

As I head into my amazing 40’s, it is important to have a well balanced lifestyle while having increased energy to keep up with family and work. The goal for me is not weight loss, but vitality in life! Everything after that is icing on the cake!

I am both excited and honored to be the November Ambassador for Glow Juicery, and to share my journey and passion over the coming month!

Thank you,
Maria Ellis

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