Introducing Glow SuperKids: Fresh Juice for Active Kids!

When Jamie Sale (our beautiful Glow Ambassador!) and I first sat down and discussed the direction for Glow in the coming months we both came to realize how important it was for us to impact family nutrition…to make a difference in the way kids perceived natural vegetable flavours, engaging kids with making great choices, supporting parents and helping them feel good about the options they made available to their children.

Every parent worries about the nutrition their child receives. The reality is that busy, active school-aged children who are involved in sports and other activities, tend to eat more processed snack items throughout the day. And so we wondered: what could we do to ensure they were being fuelled to accomplish what we ask of them?

Fresh raw Juice is now being understood and appreciated as an incredible source for natural enzymes and nutrients. It is a big fresh glass of easily absorbed vitamins. Hydrating & nourishing. So why not create a few flavours that appealed to little palates? And so, our newest line, Glow SuperKids was born!

4 signature flavours will be released next month: Supersonic, Superstar, Superberry & Supertropical.

Today, Jamie and I spoke with CTV Morning Live about the benefits and the goal behind this new line.

Please watch our Facebook, Instagram and website for announcements on these delightful new options, and local community SuperKid focused events we will be supporting!


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