Glowing in our Community!

For those of you who follow us via social media (and you really should, cause we are awesome on Facebook + Instagram + Twitter!) you may be aware of the various non-profit organizations we have become involved with over the last year.

Wellspring Edmonton, the Alberta Cancer Foundation and Ronald McDonald House are just a few that are close to our hearts….we also love to give in many small ways to local charities, events, fundraisers, and local schools and sometimes we just hand out our fresh yummy Juice on street corners!

When I created Glow Juicery, it was my sincerest intent that Juice education and community engagement would be at the heart of all that we do. If we ever wanted to make an impact on the health of our community, or have people understand the beautiful healing benefits of fresh raw juice, then we would have to ensure Glow Juice could make it’s way into the hands of those that need it most.

Our Events page shows a few of the ways we will be Glowing our way across Alberta this summer…we hope we have the chance to meet & share our fresh Juice with YOU very soon!

~ Marnie

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