Glowing For A Cause

Our glowing fresh Juice & Raw Food company was created with a single mission:
“To bring inspiration and motivation to every person wanting to feel empowered about what they put in their body. Food is medicine. Food is fuel.”

Cancer treatment and support was a huge impetus in the formation of many of our Juice recipes, and the way we connected with our clients. Friends and family members affected by cancer would guide our mission to bring our bottled vitamins to those who need it most. Through education and engagement we truly hoped to reach those who may not be aware of the power of fresh nutrient-packed Juices and their ability to support healing in the body.

We knew that in order to truly connect with the community focused on supporting those experiencing cancer treatment or recovery, we would need to become a part of the efforts of the incredible team at the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

We had no idea that their 6 hour, sweaty, action-packed annual Bust A Move Fundraiser would become the most exciting event we had ever been apart of!

The first year we attended Bust A Move, we agreed to donate a supply of Juice for all the amazing volunteers. We also set up our little Glow Tasting table and prepared for a day of thirsty action…and we were not disappointed!

Inspiration came from so many fast moving (literally!) parts of this huge 500 person event: The energetic local fitness companies on the stage (and huge screens!) encouraging everyone to squat, lunge, burpee, zumba and yoga their way through the day. The 85 volunteers that coordinated the many intricate details of this huge event, not to mention the incredible ACF Bust A Move planning team that had coordinated, planned, and sought the support of corporate donors for months in advance.

But in the end their was one intangible Bust A Move feeling that stayed with us, inspiring us to participate on a larger level for 2015 and onward. It was that 500 amazing individuals had come together to raise over a million dollars to fight a disease that had touched our lives so deeply. That we could be together as a community, active and connected, to honour those affected by Breast Cancer, and those that are searching for a cure.

This year the Glow team is working to raise awareness, and over $10,000 in funding for Bust A Move 2015. Our Juicy Fun-draisers will sweat our way (wearing bright green tutus!) through 6 hours of workouts from some of our very favourite people, including our partners at Barre Body Studio, Powerhouse Yogi Joe Lomnicki, and our good friends at Blitz Conditioning.

We have created a unique seasonal Juice (aptly called “Save the Melons!” and will be donating 10% of all sales to our Bust a Move fundraising!

If you have not already done so, we truly hope you consider supporting those participating in this amazing event on March 21. And maybe next year will be your time to Bust A Move alongside us!

(Please check out our story on the Alberta Cancer Foundation blog!


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