Glow Juicery: One Year Stronger

Happy Canada Day from Glow Juicery!
One year ago today my cousin Brittany and I made 185 juices (in my kitchen!), packed them up and took them to the Canada Day celebration in Sherwood Park. We set up a banner under our tent, placed all our carefully researched information on the tables and waited excitedly for what would happen.
It was a risk, a leap, and a day I will never forget. I had the sudden thought I might be absolutely crazy with this idea of fresh raw Juice & Cleanses! That all the months of planning and research, working on my website, connecting with local businesses, sharing the idea with friends and family…that this could be a terrible plan, and the 10,000 empty juice bottles sitting in my garage may never be filled with fresh juice, or offered to people who could benefit from it.
We sold out of Juice in less than 4 hours…and I realized right then that maybe all of this was going to be ok.
Today, we are leading a team of 15 people at our two local Juiceries, & selling at over 8 locations in Edmonton and area. We have brought on board our beautiful fitness & wellness Ambassador, Jamie Sale. We are evaluating an exciting new BC location (soon to be announced!) and even more Alberta locations. I have been blessed to meet and connect with so many incredible local businesses, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, yogis, fitness gurus, health and wellness visionaries and community connectors. Some have become my dear friends, and my truest supporters, and I treasure them deeply.
I am writing this as a person who took a great risk one year ago, to tell you to listen to whatever whisper your heart is telling you…that the passion you have and the gifts that only you posses should be shared. That you can create something truly amazing with hard work and a vision for making a difference.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to family, and friends, and all the people who have helped, listened, lifted, shared, cared and dreamed with me. I feel so blessed and will continue to share and work to grow this dream of wellness, beyond what even I can see as possible at this moment.
Thank you for believing in us.
Thank you for helping us Glow!
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