Glow Juicery Raw Food Cafe Kelowna - Opening Date of May 8!

Our very first guest Blog post comes from the beautiful, dynamic team of our new Glow Juicery + Raw Food Café Kelowna location!

We are so excited to share the story and passion of our beautiful Okanagan Partner, Kathleen Treadgold, and her lead Glow Team member, Keddy Pavlik! In their own words, this is the vision for our Glow cold-pressed Juice and Raw whole food options they are creating in the heart of BC!


Hello to the beautiful community of Kelowna and welcome to Glow Juicery: the Okanagan’s newest cold-pressed Juicery and take-away Raw Food café! We are so excited to begin sharing our organic, local, and fresh products with you!

To let you know a little bit about us, Glow Juicery began in Edmonton through founder Marnie Ashcroft’s wellness-inspired vision for a local Juicery: a place you can find hand-made, hand-bottled, and hand-packed vegetable & fruit juices, loaded with nutrients and made with love.

Now, with 3 thriving locations, Kelowna-local and Glow Kelowna partner, Kathleen Treadgold, thought the time was ripe for a 4th location in “Kelownafornia.”

At Glow Juicery & Raw Food Café Kelowna, we are continuing Marnie & Kathleen’s vision. We’re supplying our community with cold-pressed organic juices — always made with local, fresh produce wherever possible — delicious and exciting raw foods, and wellness cleanse programs. We’re all about helping you feeling your absolute BEST, so we’re creating a stunning & accessible community space where we welcome you to pursue wellness.

Every time you step into Glow, we want you to feel engaged in a wellness movement that extends throughout our entire community. Our philosophy is “Food is medicine. Food is Fuel” and so our Juice Consultants are always ready to help you find the right products to fuel YOU!

Our passionate and educated Glow Kelowna team are here to inspire you and teach you about the benefits of cold-pressed juice and raw foods: not only are they good for your body and mind, they taste amazing too! Whether it’s a Sky Glow Juice made with pear + cucumber + lemon + mint, or a hand-made Choco-Chaga Almond Mylk made with raw sprouted almonds & superfoods, or even our  Glow Bowl made with ancient grains, fresh spirallized vegetables, and a cashew-curry dressing, we can supply you with the perfect raw fuel for your body!

Come find us in the Landmark 6 building at 1880 Dayton Street – we are open 7am – 6pm everyday creating the very freshest options just for you!

Remember, Mama says “Drink your veggies!” and veggies have never tasted so good!

~ Keddy

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