Giving Back to our Community - The Story of the Ronald McDonald House "Juice with Love" Program

From the very beginning (2 wonderful years ago!) connecting people in critical care situations with living raw Juice was a core mission of Glow Juicery. Our belief that “Food is Medicine” meant we needed to bring our passion for the healing power of plant-nutrients to the people that needed them the most. When the opportunity to create our Ronald McDonald House “Juice with Love” program, in collaboration with The Organic Box, we were truly delighted!

Providing comfort & stability during times of uncertainty is the mission of the Ronald McDonald House. The “Meals that Mend” and “Home for Dinner” programs provide families with comforting and nutritious meals when they need it most.

Glow Juicery saw our bright green “love-filled” bottles and our “Juice with Love” Program as a nutrition focused complement to the hard work of the many volunteers and local organizations that touch the House throughout the year.

Our Program goal was to create 40-60 fresh green Juices each week – providing accessible, convenient & critical nutrition options to the over 30 families from all over Northern Alberta. Fresh organic produce would be hand delivered by the amazing Organic Box team, and the Glow Juicery volunteers would create these fresh bottles full of living vitamins, while educating & engaging the families benefiting from the fruits (and veggies!) of our labour of love.

Our Program has been going strong now for nearly 6 months. We have stories of minds (and lives!) changed by the simplest of healing food options – fresh, organic green Juice! We will continue to work with our partners to grow our “Juice with Love” Program- educating and introducing even more families to how valuable this nutrition option can be to those dealing with illness, or the critical care of a family member.

We are truly honoured to be a part of the incredible work and amazing team that keep the RMH families happy, nourished & connected. We encourage you to take the time to visit or donate to your local Ronald McDonald House in any way that you can – we have seen first-hand how powerful & rewarding that experience can be!

~ Marnie

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