Food is Medicine, Food is Fuel

Glow Juicery has a core belief that Food is Medicine and Fuel for our bodies.

From the very beginning, our engagement with organizations such as the Alberta Cancer Foundation, Wellspring and The Ronald McDonald House of Norther Alberta, was focused on educating those in critical care situations about the healing benefits of plant nutrients.

This work will continue in 2015 as we open more locations in Alberta, and our location in BC. Our focus on integrative Health Projects, funding research and supporting the growth of Cancer Nutrition Programs and Recovery Centres in Alberta and BC will drive our connections and our donations. The entire Glow team of over 22 staff members will be engaging with our community as we seek to enlighten and support those dealing with cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Starting in February 2015, the Glow team will be supporting a Juicing Education Project with The Organic Box and Ronald McDonald House. We will be on-site alongside a team of volunteers to create fresh raw Juices for the families, while providing education on the benefits of phyto-nutrients that can support healing and family nutrition.

We look forward to sharing our stories with you over the coming months. We hope you are inspired to see food as we do, and make choices that can support a healthier community.


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