The Faces of Glow

As we prepare to open our two newest Glow locations in early 2015, we are delighted to introduce you to the incredible team of people that help make Glow possible! 

Glow Juicery is coming to BC!

We are so delighted to announce we will be opening our first Glow Juicery BC location this Spring! Our partnership with the amazing and passionate Kathleen Treadgold will be shared over the coming months, as we build our relationships with the community of partners, corporate connections, local farmers and fitness studios within the Okanagan. 

Glow Juicery: One Year Stronger

Happy Canada Day from Glow Juicery! One year ago today my cousin Brittany and I made 185 juices (in my kitchen!), packed them up and took them to the Canada Day celebration in Sherwood Park. We set up a banner under our tent, placed all our carefully researched information on the tables and waited excitedly for what would happen. It was a risk, a leap, and a day I will never forget. 

Glowing in our Community!

For those of you who follow us via social media (and you really should, cause we are awesome on Facebook Instagram Twitter!) you may be aware of the various non-profit organizations we have become involved with over the last year. 

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