Opening our new Juicery Raw Food Cafe!

After months of designing, planning building our new Juicery Raw Food Café is almost ready to go! Every element of our Café concept was chosen to show our amazing clients that we truly care about what you eat, & that our ingredients have been thoughtfully sourced, prepared and presented. 

Food is Medicine, Food is Fuel

Glow Juicery has a core belief that Food is Medicine and Fuel for our bodies. From the very beginning, our engagement with organizations such as the Alberta Cancer Foundation, Wellspring and The Ronald McDonald House of Norther Alberta, was focused on educating those in critical care situations about the healing benefits of plant nutrients. 

Local Farms, Local Superfoods

In the early summer, we had a meeting with Alberta Agriculture…we discussed our desire to create a more sustainable approach to sourcing our fresh veggies and fruits, working locally, organically, with the intent to showcase the incredible passion that farmers have for our land and what it can produce.

Introducing Glow SuperKids: Fresh Juice for Active Kids!

When Jamie Sale (our beautiful Glow Ambassador!) and I first sat down and discussed the direction for Glow in the coming months we both came to realize how important it was for us to impact family nutrition…to make a difference in the way kids perceived natural vegetable flavours, engaging kids with making great choices, supporting parents and helping them feel good about the options they made available to their children.

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