Behind the Glow Counter: Why Spring Cleansing?

It’s SPRING! And there is no better time to focus on natural renewal and health than right NOW!

With all this buzz around Cleansing, we get asked a lot of questions from curious clients standing at our counter ~  and we are very happy to share how passionate we are about fresh Juice Cleansing!

 The main question we are asked on a daily basis:

What is Juice Cleansing all about, and why are my friends telling me to book one?


Here is the Glow Juicery Philosophy that we like to share with our clients:

~ A Cleanse is designed to give your body a break from processed and cooked foods

~ It allows your body to focus on digesting one of the best sources of human nutrition: raw vegetables and fruits which are naturally high in enzymes and nutrients

~ Your body receives all that is required: protein, carbohydrates, fats, mineral elements and water – all from our delicious Juice!

~ As there is less solid food matter to be digested, your bodies energy can be used to heal and restore optimum health!

So that healing green liquid splashed across Instagram/Twitter and Facebook really is going to get that blood pumping, energy up, skin glowing and body alkalized. It is not a “quick fix” but rather a nutrient filled re-set that will pave a road for so many more healthy choices! Taking a Barre or Spin class, making a wholesome meal for your family or booking a massage ~ Cleansing is going to get you excited  about your personal wellness and leave you feeling truly revitalized!

We hope you stop by to enjoy a sweat session and bottle of Glow Juice! Our Juice Consultants are all excited to help you change the way you look at nourishing your body, and revel in the healthy wholesome life you can create for yourself!


Happy Cleansing!

~ Savanna

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