The Summer Vacation Juice Cleanse

SUMMER has arrived! And with it comes a slowed pace, and chance to take a break and re-connect with friends and family in campgrounds & sandy beaches, and or maybe in our own backyards! Summer vacation also means taking a step back from our intense routines…and for me, it is the perfect time to evaluate of all the mindsets & behaviours I have around working out & making healthy food choices.

Glow Juicery: One Year Stronger

Happy Canada Day from Glow Juicery! One year ago today my cousin Brittany and I made 185 juices (in my kitchen!), packed them up and took them to the Canada Day celebration in Sherwood Park. We set up a banner under our tent, placed all our carefully researched information on the tables and waited excitedly for what would happen. It was a risk, a leap, and a day I will never forget. 

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