Our Story


Glow Juicery was born as a simple answer to a complex question: What if we were to look at food differently?


What if we stopped worrying about the calories, carbohydrates, fats and proteins in chemical-filled processed foods? What if we started to evaluate how readily available these nutrients are to our bodies… how they are absorbed, transformed and used to create energy. Stopped reading the side of a carton, and assessing the value of a food chemical we can’t pronounce, and how many grams of each element we were going to allow ourselves to have each day. By confidently choosing the most natural, nutrient rich food sources available, we could then focus on achieving a sense of wellness, of fullness and true health.


When faced with a sea of toxic options, we see Glow Juicery as a beacon for change. A healthy, fresh, convenient choice that delivers immediate energy, detoxifies the body, and rejuvinates the mind. A place our clients can turn to – through allergies, food intolerances, health concerns or just a general desire to live better and with more energy than they thought possible. Glow Juicery is for anyone that wants to eat well, live well and enjoy life to its fullest!

Marnie Ashcroft Owner of Glow Juicery

Glow Juicery was founded on the belief that goodness comes from within—from the foods you eat to the way you treat others (and yourself). Our business rests on set values we live by every day. They define who we are, both as individuals, and as a company.

Put your health first.
Our wellbeing is important, and is largely determined by the foods we eat and the attitudes we carry.

Tell the truth.
In our words and our actions, we are authentic and sincere, and expect the same from others.

Do the right thing.
We look out for the people around us, and always find a way to do what’s right—even if it means more time, work or commitment.

Live sustainably.
We respect this planet, and take only what we need, in hopes of preserving it for future generations.

Be transparent.
From our natural ingredients to our genuine desire to help others improve their health, everything we do is 100% real.

Take accountability.
We are all responsible for presenting the best of ourselves every day. If you make a mistake, own it, learn from it and then do better next time.

Frequently Asked Questions


+Why is Glow Juicery Different?

Our juicing process ensures the greatest amounts of vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, and other vital elements are preserved during the jucing process. Our juices are pressed fresh from the best produce, every day. This guarantees the best flavours and highest volume of plant energy are available to you in every bottle.

+Why are there various levels of cleanses and how do I choose?

If you are new to cleansing, it is recommended you start with our Introductory (1-3 day) Cleanse. Once you understand how your body responds to cleansing, we encourage you to gradually move towards the Intermediate and Advanced Level cleanses. Our Glow Juicery team can help you decide which one will be best suited to you. Just stop by one of our locations or send us an email to info@glowjuicery.ca!

+What is Juice Cleansing?

A Glow Juicery Cleanse is designed to give your body a break from processed and cooked foods, allowing your body to focus on digesting one of the best sources of human nutrition: raw vegetables and fruits which are naturally high in enzymes and nutrients. Your body receives all that is required: protein, carbohydrates, fats, mineral elements and water. As there is less solid food matter to be digested, your body's energy can be used to heal and restore optimum health.

+Where can I purchase Glow Juicery juices and packages?

Our fresh juice choices are available at one of our Glow Juicery Locations - find out which location can best serve you at our Contact page. You may also purchase fresh juice products and cleanses from our online store.

+How will I feel during a cleanse?

The Cleansing experience can vary based on a number of factors. Depending on the level of de-toxification required, you may experience light headedness and some nausea. Typically these symptoms go away after 24 hours. Within a few days of the Cleanse, you will begin to feel energized and re-vitalized. Over time, the body will adapt and actually begin crave the nutrients it receives as part of the cleansing process. Plus, you will see the results and want to encourage that natural healing and de-toxification process.